Security Printing

Al-Yamama press always protect its customers by making sure that security printings are always met to the standards. Security printing must be printed according to security procedures or clients will be victims of fraud. Our firm has printed various amount of security printings over the last 34 years, we use our special techniques to make sure that fraud or security breach won’t happen.

Our security printings can vary from bank cheques, security inks, watermarks, holograms, academic transcripts, passport, official governmental documents, company sensitive documents, stamps  and anything related to security printings.

We value customers privacy and non-disclosed information, so all of our employees are tied with a non disclosure agreement through their employment with us. All of the sensitive information is backed up on an encrypted server and computer to make sure that there is no unauthorized access takes place and there’s no data breach to leave our customers in peace of mind. Every little access is monitored to our firm through CCTV’S, fingerprints and sensors all around.