About Us

Al Yamama printing press was able to achieve the highest levels through accuracy, excellent quality printings  and credibility to reach a unique printing experience.

In the year 2007, Mr. Ma’moon Ibrahim Al-Ekremawy planned to open a branch in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a country he found fit for such business, and he launched the business  with very humble machines and simple settings .This step was a test to check the potential Jordan could offer to the business, a test that lead to the decision of improving the press and moving to a better location ( Al-Jubeiha ) with better machinery, more potential, a bigger variety of machinery, and more experienced specialized group of staff that could fulfill all the customers needs. 

What makes Al-Yamama printing press stand out from other printing presses is that everyone who works there cares about achieving success and values teamwork, never the less, they are very credible and honest in their work, respects time and deadlines, which makes the values that this press were established values can be seen and crowned by the customer satisfaction.

The customers are their partners in success in every step that the press has proceeded forward.


In the past 36 years working in the industry, our vision is to be the main leader in the industry in our region and to fulfill all of the customers needs by exceeding quality.


To create innovation, offer unique quality and to always have the best relationships with customers

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