Go Green

Go Green - Environmentally Friendly Printing Solutions

Looking to print environmentally friendly printing solutions? Al Yamama Printing Press works to preserve the environment by reducing waste of paper and consumables from operational materials . This can be done by working on the use of food paper and recycled paper. Following this trend will require using environmentally friendly and food inks. Also operating modern machines with low harmful emissions in order to ensure that we are one of the factories with Go green trend and meeting standards. We use papers that are well prepared and are absolutely chlorine free processed. All of these methods will help in saving energy, trees, water and support our environment. In order to protect the future of future generations and establish a work environment and individuals who have responsibility towards society and the world as a whole.

Al Yamama Printing Press is one of the approved printing presses for many pharmaceutical factories, international restaurants and companies that support this trend and take care of the environment.

Paper Recycling

Take advantage of recycled paper to help the environment avoid cutting more trees for paper production.

Soy Ink

We use soy ink to support the enviroment and keep it healthy. Soy Ink doesn’t contain any volatile chemicals and it doesn’t harm the enviroment.