Movenpick Hotel Project

Movenpick hotel has placed a new order with us regarding health and safety printings for a top hotel in the industry using our large format printing services. The project requirements were to design, print posters and stickers printing for keeping safety distance, wearing gloves and masks according to health ministry policies to cover COVID 19 policies. The job had a tight deadline, with our capabilities and years of experience, we have been able to deliver such large quantities within the deadline with satisfactory results and the client has asked for more printings. The project has been successful by ensuring that the hotel has met COVID 19 policies during the lockdown period by ensuring that all residents are safe and always following precautions.
Stickers printing which is easily removable on the floor and has a very eye catchy design. We would like to pay a moment of gratitude for all Movenpick staff for putting their full trust in us for the whole period of time that we have been working together on. Al Yamama printing press hopes that this strong business relationship lasts forever. 

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