Ayass Hotel

 Al Yamama Printing Press has worked with Ayass Hotel, one of our distinguished customers. We have worked on designing and printing various carton boxes for packaging printing purposes on the occasion of Christmas. Ayass Hotel has provided samples and requirements, samples got approved which led to launching the project. Estimated timeline of the project was 35 days. Using our wide experience in packaging printing. We have managed to deliver the full requirements by breaking a record of 10 working days. One of the requirements were to design and print 1,000 carton candy boxes with a window, a base of food cardboard, printing in metallic gold , black color. The second job category was printing smaller boxes of 1,000 food cartons with protective layers, transparent window, logo printing on the base of the boxes using soy ink.

A moment of gratitude will be paid to efforts of our trained and distinguished staff, we have completed the required tasks within the timeframe specified with the highest quality standards. The general manager of the hotel and everyone who saw the project deliverables/cartons have been amazed by the quality and design of the boxes. Our printings have shown that our experience has excelled in the market and has proven to have better quality than our competitors.

This is another success story of dealing with one of the most important and prominent partners of our success. We would like to thank Ayass Hotel and their staff for showing us their trust to get the job done professionally within their expectations. 

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